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Component giants reorganize new business competition not only from the industry

Component giants reorganize new business competition not only from the industry

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When automakers began to build Internet cars and smart cars, parts companies also joined the three emerging businesses, including car networking, new energy, and autonomous driving. This is the direction that vehicle companies are looking for, with zeros represented by Bosch. The component giant is also stepping up to the competition for this new business.
A few days ago, Dr. Rolf Bulander, a member of the Bosch Group Board of Directors, revealed in an interview that Bosch is better at hardware. The next step is to find an Internet company in the software to become the main supplier of the Internet of Vehicles:
You can see the traffic lights in the car; you can send a command by waving your hand; the display in the car displays the content as needed, such as when you turn, it shows the content you need to turn; you don’t know if there is a parking space in the rest station in front, don’t worry, With Bosch's latest “Truck Safe Parking” system, you can book parking spaces on the highway online; the transportation company can know in advance which vehicles need to be repaired or maintained through the “Preventive Diagnostic System”.
These products related to the Internet of Vehicles are only part of Bosch's development of new vehicle networking technologies. Wolf-Henning Scheider, head of Bosch's global automotive business, told 21st Century Business Herald: "By 2016, Bosch can help connect every new commercial vehicle in Europe and the United States."